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I've just done my first home build, the computer turns on and gives various messages about the hardware. I was under the impression that to install XP you just put the disk in and followed the instructions, but when I put the XP disk in (it's from an old Dell PC) nothing at all seems to happen. Also, the USB ports don't seem to be working since my mouse and keyboard aren't coming on when the PC comes on. Any help appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Give us your motherboard. Usually, something has to be done in the BIOS, but I'll wait until you post.
  2. Hi, Yes it is in the bios settings (by default the boot from cd-rom should be on) you may try reseting the bios defaults back to factory then - put the cd-rom in the drive - reboot the pc, watch for the prompt to enter any key to boot from the cd-rom. If you have to manually change the setting look for boot options or boot devices in the bios menus and change to boot from cd-rom(typically the + - change the order of which the bios looks for first). Note: Some older MBz like the one I have will not find the usb mouse/keyboard untill it boots into windows if possible plug in an old ps2 style keyboard to make the bios settings (you can leave your usb keybrd/mouse plugged in)
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