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Had quick question that I was wondering if anyone has tried out yet. Lets say I was to take my current computer build which is basically a load of crap and build a new system with:

gigabyte ds5 mobo
2x1gb Gskill 800 etc
250 seagate sata2 16mb cache
200 maxtor sata 8mb cache

The only things i would be porting over to the new build would be the dvd drives, a blue orb2, and the 200gb maxtor drive. My question is I have my OS from the old build on there. If I were to just put that drive in there as the master (i realize there is no master\slave relationship with sata, just used to using the old lingo for it) would my old OS load up on the new build, and if not why not?

I am almost 99.9% sure it wouldn't work but I was interested in seeing if anyone else had tried\failed with it yet.
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  1. It might boot into Windows but you'll have problems. It's always best to do a clean install with a new mobo because of onboard driver issues
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