using a ups in vista

i am sorry
this may be completely obscure

i have an uninterruptible power supply connected to my computer through the serial port
in xp, i could configure it is generic and set it hibernate or shut down through the power options

in vista theres no such thing. unless i get one with usb connector
so please help coz mostly my computer runs 24/7 so i want it to shut down in case of a power outtage which happens a lot where i live
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  1. I am very interested in this. Did you ever get a solution? I am running an APC UPS and didn't pay any attention to it when I did a clean install (I did get a battery icon though) What (if anything new) have you discovered about UPS and Vista?

  2. nothing actually
    no one seems to know or care

    but i switched back to xp a while back (not just because of the ups) so i cant really help here
    i wondered if i simply used a serial-usb cable but havent got the chance to try it out yet
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    I have an APC UPS and it was immediately found during installation with no extra drivers and even has tests that Vista runs on it every so often to check its status. Pretty nice. Did your UPS come with any software? Possibly a hardware driver/software app issue if Vista is not recognizing it already.
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