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I do hope someone can shed some light on this. My nephews lives just down the block from me and we would very much like to play some network games together from my computers and their systems. Both of our houses are setup with the same setup.

- Both are using DSL from SWBell on a wired not Wireless network.
The DSL has been muted as far as a Firewall and any other things like password and username. I let the Switch/Router handle all that.

- We are both using a Linksys BEFSR41 router. This device is using its firewall and SWBells Username & Password.

- All the systems are WinXP with windows Firewall deactivated.

To make this work:
- Is there anything you might suggest I change in the setup?
- What information should I take note of? Remote Access, Usernames & PW, Ping No?
- Would any one have a step by step procedure to get this going?

Thank you one and all for your help.


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  1. What games are you looking to play?

    You can connect remotely to the IP address if someone is hosting a game server. You would need to set up port forwarding per game or put one computer in the DMZ on the router.

    You should just connect directly over the internet to the IP address of the other computer - The public IP, not the 192.168.x.x number.
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