IE 32-bit not working on a 64-bit OS

Hi there,

I just built my first pc and am using XP PRO 64-bit as my OS. The Issue I’m having is the IE 32-bit is not working after a few day. How ever, the IE 64-bit does work just fine. I went back and reinstalled IE and still have the same issue of the 32-bit not working. This leaves me without a way to us Outlook and be able to get any updates.

Does any one has an idea what is going on.

Thank you for your help
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  1. XP Pro has its' own 64bit IE. The O/S gets its' updates just fine.

    Why are you talking about 32bit IE?

    And, an old Outlook is not going to work in 64bit XP.
  2. You should not need IE to use Outlook... also 64-bit IE should do Windows Update.
  3. I’m running Office 2000. Outlook works with IE 32. So to check emails it runs on IE 32. When I go to MS to get updates (as well as some other stuff. MS is not up to date on IE 64,) I cannot down load in 64-bit. I have to do it with IE 32.
  4. You installed Office 2000 in 64bit XP? And it works okay?
  5. Yes, Office 2000 fly’s 8) on x 64. The only issue I have with it is that I need IE 32 working so I can us Outlook for my emails.

    So with out IE 32 working I’m kind of S O L.
  6. Change to Outlook Express. You can export-import all your stuff from Outlook to OE. OE is native to 64bit XP.
  7. I'll give that a try. I never even looked at that part.

    Now it is getting my GPS to worrk.
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