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I am testing vista's ready boost feature. I have 2 gb of system memory. I stick in 2 gb of usb stick to it and make it ready for ready boost feature. I know i should have more than 2gb on flash drive but that is what i have now. I give the whole 2 gb to ready boost. i ran multiple applications at the same time. Now, how do i know the windows is taking advantage of extra 2gb on flash drive. i see the light on the flash drive is blinking occasionally. it used up 54% or 1.15 gb of system memory. I do not see any significant performance boost from that feature. Am i missing sth. Please advise me.

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  1. Vista doesn't really use ready boost as "RAM" per say. What it does is takes the most commonly used applications and copies the start/program files to the flash drive. That way when you start outlook or WMP, it pulls the files off the flash drive and not the hard drive.

    If the light is blinking on the flash drive it's working. Windows will continually swap information between the hard drive and flash drive. You'll notice that as soon as u connect the flash drive windows starts copying crap to it.

    I personally see a big boost in launching things like Outlook, WMP, and Adobe reader (which i use a lot). Launching those 3 things is instantaneous. But maybe i'm just jaded...
  2. You're right mpjesse... you should notice the programs you use the most open faster. Vista will store your frequent programs to your flash drive first, then to ram if it gets full.

    I've noticed that you can't really tell the difference if the program is launched from the USB stick or Ram... but since my system is already pretty decent, I don't notice a difference if it's ran from the H.D. either :lol:
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