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I bought Vista since I figure I need to do a reformat and used this as an excuse to jump on the vista bandwagon, but here is my challenge with XP.

This started about 2 weeks ago...when I launch Adobe Photoshop and go to open a file the program locks up and I can sometimes end the program and other times I need to reboot. I deleted and reinstalled the program and the same thing happened during the installation process. I downloaded a free picture editor (Faststone) and the same thing is happeneing. I also had lockups using the add/remove programs in control panel.

When I go through IE to update Windows IE locks up during the process where the blue bar scrolls while it is determining what updates are available. I was unable to update in safe mode.

Now, in safe mode I can use Faststone to open and edit pictures.

I made no changes at all to my system when this started. I ran antivirus, registry cleaners, and defragmenter but nothing has helped.

What can be going on?


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  1. Install SpySweeper for free and run a scan to see what that shows.

    If no luck there, go to and post a hijackthis report.
  2. I ran Giant Antispyware and am running Spybot Search & Destroy now to see what I get...but since I'm getting Vista next week I'm not TOO concerned.

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