P5N32-E SLI issues: Request Help

I have had this system for about 3 months now and a number of issues have plagued me. I wish I would have posted this earlier but more and more of the issues are mounting up.

System : P5N32-E SLI MB (bios 0602), 2GB XMS2 RAM, 8800GTX, WD SATA HD, X-FI sound card, Antec900 case.

Biggest problems:

- The system has never been able to restart. It will power up and down just fine, but when I go to restart, it trys to power down... the video signal goes off, and then it just sits there.

- Have never been able to get any sort of overclocking on it.

- And the latest, I installed another 2x1GB RAM, same exact type as I had in there, for a total of 4 GB. The system recognizes it, boots fine, but then a few minutes into running an application I get a BSD. So I sent the RAM back and got new RAM and it does the same exact thing.

If anyone could give me some clue as to what I can do, I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. check ram timings and voltages. Try to raise it a little on the ram. run 2 modules in different slots
  2. I am not so worried about overclocking right now, but more I just want the crap to work. I have 4 RAM slots and whenever I install 2 more 1GB strips I get a BSD.
  3. Ok, updated to the 1002 bios and it fixed the restart problem.

    Now I just have an issue with RAM. Is there some special lway I have to set up the RAM on the MB? I have 2 pairs of 1 GB XMS2 RAM. I am told that XP has issues recognizing RAM over 3 GB so could this be my problem? The bios recognizes 4 GB of RAM but XP only recognizes 3.2 GB of RAM when I look at the properties in My Computer. Could it be that when I am running games, the system is trying to access that extra RAM and the OS gets confused and I BSD?
  4. you're fine. do nothing. 32 bit windows works that way
  5. Put the ram in the like-colored slots (2 sticks in blue or 2 sticks in white). You've probably already done this, but worth mentioning. Most likely your problem is your voltages. Make sure you have the ram running on the recomended voltage.

    I was actually planning on getting this board for my upcoming build but now im a bit worried. I've seen some mixed reviews on newegg, but don't really take most of them seriously. About 95% of them are related to memory issues. Not only is this board quite picky about what memory you put in it, it has a habit of getting confused when autosetting voltages. Try changing your voltages a bit and see if that helps. I'm still probably going to get this board, but I'd like to see if you can get your issues with it cleared up first.
  6. why the hell don't you read the posts before saying crap?
  7. Iv got the same board and everything, except the case and memory! Have you taken a look at the QVL to see if the board supports 4Gb of the memory you using! The board is very fidgy about memory so watchout! Also you sould set all your voltages manually to achieve bet performance and stability! Iv overclocked a C2D 6400 to 2.8GHZ with no issue, just a 0.2 increase of Voltage! Memory is unlinked, well actually its 5:6.
    The NB voltage should be 1.25v, it will help stability big time! o and temp too!
  8. The RAM I purchased is Corsair XMS2 2x1GB paired RAM. This should be on the QVL, at least I thought it was when I ordered it.

    I have the current 2 sticks in the DIMM A1 and A2 slots on the MB and everything has been runninf fine. Whenever I installed another of the SAME memory in B1 and B2, XP wont recognize but 3.2GB of the 4GB and I get the BSD whenever I play a game.

    Do I need to install the RAM in different slots because its "paired"?

    Will uping the voltages stop the 4GB from crashing?

    Or will XP just not work with 4GB of RAM?

    Thanks again for all of your help!
  9. What voltages are you running at?

    And no, XP will only recognize about 3.2-3.5 gigs of ram. It supposedly can recognize 4 gigs in 32 bit, but somehow it loses the last .5. However, this won't cause any system instability to my knowledge.
  10. I have the same board. I'm 2gigs and I had to put them in A1 & B1 to take advantage of my daul channel.
    For each pair, try using A1 & b1 and A2 & B2.
  11. have the same rig..same ram

    4-4-4-12 2T

    I went crazy trying to get mine working as well...
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