need help on WINDOWS xp media center 2005

ok i installed windows xp media center 2005 on my computer
btw i dont have the sp2 disk for it
so i have many errors whenever i try to install things
i mainly want to delete the current os on my system but i cannot do it
because when i go to add/remove programs
or whatever it is so i can delete the current windows xp
since i have another one
it gives me an error message 0x2 .... 2088999411
and something about the netoc.inf
ive tried using sfc /scannow but it always asks for me to put in a disk
when i tried using either disk 1 or disk 2 it won't do anything
it stops near the end telling me there is an error and i have not put in the right disk.
also when i go to eventvwr it appears empty
i cannot open msconfig
but i can open cmd
i tried doing the whole expanding thing
but it always says it cannot be found or
something about input or output
or the file has no label
and i cannot do anything
can someone please
help me all i want is to delete the current os
and install my windows xp home
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  1. Kill the partition using fdisk from a boot floppy or a bootable utility cd (Eddie maintenance; Barts; etc).

    Then pop in your cd and go.
  2. how do i kill the partition
    i dont have a floppy drive
    and i dont have those utility cd's
    i dont know what eddie matience is or barts is
  3. Dude you should really make sure that you have the Bootable XP Pro/Media Centre Installation CD's before you try this sort of thing.

    If you have a bootable copy of XP Pro you can boot up the computer with the Disk inserted and it gives you the option to boot from CD or the HDD, choose boot from CD, it will then ask you want to do what is repair or install a copy of XP.

    Choose install a new copy of XP what should take you through to the next screen.

    On this screen you will have the option to delete partitions and format the HDD in either FAT32/NTFS, choose delete the partition and then format the entire disk in NTFS "Quick".

    The PC will then advise you it will reboot in 10,9,8,7 seconds.....etc, take this opportunity to remove/eject the XP Pro CD and shut the PC down.

    You are left with a Blank hard drive formatted in NTFS without any partitions, no information or drivers will remain on the HDD so like I mentioned before you need the appropriate bootable installation CD's so you can re-install a OS and use the computer.

    Best of luck :)

    Dear patrons if I have made a mistake would you be kind enough to point out where I have gone wrong so this chap does not suffer because of my inability to remember the correct procedure.
  4. for one thing pscowboy suggested fdisk which is needed, but your version does not zero out those sectors.

    second you are replying to a 4 month old thread ;)
  5. Newbies, havent learned to look at posting dates. jeeesshhh!!!! :D
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