Will NEVER Buy Another LG Product

I purchased an LG W2753V monitor in, 2009 and it worked for over a year. Early the next year it started to have overheating issues. When my computer went into sleep mode, the monitor would not come up until it cooled off. In May, I spoke with LG customer service. I had had enough, and while I spoke with a rep named Angel, it took 4 or 5 minutes for the monitor to respond after he instructed me to turn it off using the monitor switch (which refused to work most of the time). LG was supposed to send me UPS labels. After a week, I spoke with Ed or Ted Seiler and with Pedro on 03 June. The labels did not come and I had to take the monitor the LG facility near the airport in my car in early June. I explained the symptoms to the supervisor who met me at the door (Wendy). After a few days, I called and was told the monitor was not ready, but I would be notified. I was not notified.
I called and asked to speak with the president of LG Electronics personally on 09 June. We spoke of giving proper customer service. I was told the monitor was already on UPS out for delivery, but only after he transferred me to the repair department. The man I spoke with said the monitor had been fixed but could not say what the repairs were.
I rushed home and UPS came shortly afterwards. The monitor came in an old beat up box, not the new box I had taken it to LG with. After it was connected, the monitor again exhibited the exact same symptoms. The only way I could get it to work was to never let my computer go to sleep.
I switched monitors and computers. On another computer the LG monitor would not come up after it got warmed up. That computer's monitor on my computer worked just fine. As an engineer, I did this process of elimination to isolate the problem. The problem is the LG monitor, not my computer.
Thursday the 8th, I got home from work and used my computer for perhaps 40 minutes, from slightly after 5 till 5:45. The LG monitor is on a surge protector, which I shut down to go out. After two and a half hours, when I got back home, the monitor would not come up. It finally came up around 10:15 that night. In other words, it took the LG monitor four and a half hours before it would work!!!

Since LG had been so nonresponsive before, I wrote to Soo Moong Kim, the president, on September 10, 2011 demanding action while the monitor was "under warranty" and got no response.

Many other people have complained about the lack of service from LG. I will NEVER buy another LG product. Period.
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  1. Did you really expect the president of the company who probably gets 100 emails an hour to respond to a warranty issue on a single monitor?

    I've had a bunch of issues with LG monitors at work, almost every single on had issues with LCD defects, and these are the higher-end IPS models. Not fond of LG products either.
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