which card for this rig

Thank you in advance for any response.

Dell xps gen 4 system
460 watt psu
3.2 pentuim 4
3 gig memory
19 in LCD
pci express card

mainly play WOW and some RTS games.

I currently have a 6800 graphics card and would like advice on the best graphics card upgrade to my current system, considering psu and cpu and monitor restrictions or bottlenecks. Any other reasonable upgrade advice would be appreciated. I know a new home built system is the way to go but for now what could you advise to get some more mileage out of the old rig.
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  1. If your mainly playing WoW and some RTS games, then stick with what you have. WoW takes absoultely nothing to play with in terms of graphics. Need some good ram, and a halfway decent processor just to keep up. And RTS games these days, your 6800 will do just fine.

    But if you feel theat you are very desperate, you could go for this:


    Or if your an nvidia fan, this goes head-to-head with the X1950pro:


    Good luck. :D
  2. Thank you for your reply, would these cards still be the recommended ones even if I upgrade my monitor to a 22 in lcd before I upgrade the whole rig?
  3. Yes, those would both work fine. Keep in mind though, the 7900GS only matches the X1950Pro if you overclock it. At stock speeds, the X1950Pro is significantly faster.
  4. Hate to be a bore but thought i should mention the psu thing with the x1950 pro it does draw a lot of power, and with the listed psu it would be a close thing depending on the make as to if it would be ok or not .
    So with the games you play the nvidea option would prob be the safest bet

  5. Wait a second, what 6800 do you have??? A normal plain one, a GT model, or the Ultra? If you have just a straight 6800, I believe those are about as good as a 6600GT. If this is the case, then a new video card will be quite a bit faster. (Seeing as you play WoW and RTS games, i'm not sure how much you'll see it, but you should with the RTS games like Supreme Commander.) If you have a 6800, then I would get the x1950pro. If you have a 6800GT/Ultra, then I would probably stick with what you have. Perhaps you could spend your money on a better CPU.
  6. plain old 6800 card.
    I would upgrade the cpu if it got a bit more life out of the rig but I think I am limited in what i can upgrade to, Please post some upgrades for the rig in general if you know them. If i can get another year or so out of it I would be happy, its not been to bad of a rig for a prebuilt.
  7. I would suggest researching a bigger PSU because anything more would require more power. You would need a nice 550 or better with a 6 pin connector for a midrange card. Even an x1950Pro might have issues with what you've got.
  8. I can't suggest any upgrades, I don't have any documentation for your rig. Seeing as you have a normal 6800, I would get the upgrade. If my memory serves, the 6800 is just a bit faster then the 6600GT, so even a 7600GT would be faster then what you have. The two problems with your system is the P4, and the 6800. You should be able to upgrade the 6800 easily, and it will carry over to any new system you build.
  9. I disagree. The 460W dell is enough for any x1950 card, or any 7series card from Nvidia. It might even be enough to power the GTS cards. The XPS line from dell is the top of their line, and they come with good PSUs. Thats 460 sustained, not peak.
  10. Thanks again for the advice.
    from what I can see my psu says 460 watt 12v 32 amps is there anything else I should check and post before deciding and ordering either the 7900 gs or the pro?
  11. Nope. 32A is plenty for the cards your looking at. The only question now is Nvidia or ATI. Cost will be a factor also. The 7900GS is probably cheaper, but unless you overclock it, it will be slower.

    I like the x1950 series from ATI. Powerful, very HTPC ready, AVIVO, etc. I have an x1800XT and have it hooked up to my TV. Yes the 7900GS can do this also, but ATI does it "better".
  12. Thanks again for the help.
    I will be checking newegg over the w/end for the best deal then order, will let you know how it works out :)
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