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Browsers stop working, but MSN/uTorrent O.K?

Last response: in Networking
April 20, 2007 2:16:16 AM

I am asking you guys as a last resort, I have called everyone and searched everything about this and can't find and answer.

I run both IE7 and the latest Firefox. Time to time, both browsers will cease to work. I type in an addie and hit enter and the browsers seem to look for the sites for like 100ms then stop, and just sit there.

However, if I have an instance of MSN or uTorrent running at the time, these programs will continue normal operations, so I know it isn't an 'internet problem', it is definatly a 'browser problem'.

Any ideas? thanks guys!
April 20, 2007 3:40:56 PM

To me this sounds like an MTU problem. Are there any websites that will work when you try to access them?

Also when this happens go to Start > Run > type "cmd" and hit enter. Then type ping and see if you are able to ping it.
April 27, 2007 12:20:06 AM

I had the same problem but mine was cause by me using my internet at home which is a straight internet connection not using any proxies and then changing the lan settings for work so it connects through the proxy

All i did at home was un tick use a proxy for your lan.... now as soon as i get to work the next day i ticked this so it should automatically connect through the proxy but for some reason i cannot gain access throught the browser..... but other programs which use the internet are still connecting eg.. Microsoft Communicator, MSN, Xfire and so forth

But cannot gain access through my web browser using both FireFox and IE7... and i cannot ping google or any other website through CMD or couldnt even find a DNS through CMD>NSLOOKUP, But i could connect to local websites that would be on the cache of the proxy... i work for the education department so i could connect to but not any other websites????

i tried restarting my computer 3 times and still nothing... the strange thing is i went home that night didnt touch the net at home come back to work the next day and i can browse the internet fine...... Ridiculous as it sounds....