Vista is fundumentally Too OLD for Todays Machines.

People have heard "I'm Vista Tester...." till Cows jumped over Moon & still want more facts. Well heres my observations.

Started with beta in June '6 & Rc 2, both 32 & 64 bit, in three machines, 2001 celeron, 2003 amd XP & RECENT MVP. It is surprising that 2001 mainboard (non dvd) can display aero glass while 2003 dvd capable mainboard can not. It is worse that Vista plays better, yet non aero on 2003 k7 platform. While k6 struggles due to being only 2 ghz with no hyperthreading, it has exact same faults as MVP X2 mainboard, so Vista is flawed, yet why?

Then I realized that todays Vista KERNAL was written over 5 years ago. That it should have been marketed quite some time ago, yet as each new generation of machines came into being, Vista was less likely to operate successfully.

Many large manufacturers are reccommending XP, Vista just won't work on their systems. Indeed since service pack 2 XP has been dream. Thank god Microsoft took time to get at least one operating system right.

Back to Vista, Maybe by using cut back versions of Vista or at least in non aero glass your system can be up to date with no flaws, I have not tested with unlimited resources & Microsoft seriously crippled its Beta tester with Activation. I can see why, Microsoft knew VISTA is Blow Out. Complete Dumpster item, sold to Dumb Kids, all of US.

If your system is aero capable, you get aero glass, you have no choice & it is much more likely your media experience will be very limited.

I put 64 bit build up & its not media capable at all & then put 32 bit Vista build on top of that, Media in 32 bit ran 4 times longer before failure,than straight 32 bit Vista.code blunderbusted tter than "true" code. So its unlikely Vista will succeed. It is not easy to put out operating system, yet alone defective one, however Microsoft has done it again.

People when Machines come out that play Vista Ultimate your machine will be equal to k6 mainboard, nothing more, it not possible to be more & will have modulated aero glass from not to capable somehow or forget media. There might be few machine whole thing works on properly, yet i havn't heard of any & it is sounding like there won't be any, ethier.

COSTA LA VISTA,kiddies. That eyeball candy sure can be expensive & hear them cry when you take it away.

Better Luck Next Time or Grow gin:) :mrgreen:

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  1. Do you know why M$ did not release a tight code super efficient fast OS for today’s computer?

    Thanks to M$ I may not have moved over to SUSE; hoping that Vista will not be the only gaming platform...DX10.

    What do you think of ReactOS, an advanced free open source operating system providing a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft Windows® XP compatible operating system.
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    You again?

    Didn't you learn anything from the last time you posted here?

    Nice that you mention Aero runs on older motherboards... but you absolutely neglected to mention what graphics cards are running in those computers. You see, Aero is dependent upon your GRAPHICS CARD, and NOT your CPU or motherboard. I have a very modern AMD Athlon64 3700+ with 1GB of RAM. However, I am running an ATi Radeon 9700 Pro. This card is more than 4 years old, however it is still capable of running Aero. Any graphics card that supports all of DX 9's feature will work with Aero... any that don't, won't. It's as simple as that.
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