Ninja CPU cooler problems

Ok, so I gotta admit this is my first build.

I've got the ninja cooler snapped in over the CPU. It says to press the black until it snaps. (775 by the way). The problem is, when I turn it you can hear it coming unsnapped and it doesn't seem very stable. The instructions say nothing about turning it. I'm worried about all this weight once I turn it upright.

Also, I'm assuming the fan that came with attaches to the side facing the PCI slots. Is that right?
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  1. You gotta push those pins HARD all the way down, til it sounds like it SNAPS through the mobo. Then turn the mounts clockwise. Look on the back of the mobo and make sure the pins are pushed all the way through and are also "spread apart" by the white middle pin. If not, they're not all the way in.
  2. instructions say nothing about the clockwise turn afterwards. It seems to help a little.

    About to boot it up and maybe quit for the night. Thanks for the insight.
  3. I was similarly a bit baffled by the Intel cooler. I realised that you only need to twist the pins when you want to remove the cooler. They should just clip in the original alignment.
  4. Should have gotten a TR 120 Extreme. But yeah, push those suckers down HARD.
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