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  1. I see DailyTech getting an NDA the next time around for this little stunt. :lol:
  2. exactly, with a title like that... lol, HOW can you even claim a title like that?!

    Honestly was not planning on reading all of this and just jumped to the last page and caught that... good eye stranger. ;)
  3. The other thing is what is the hardware discussionof the R600 doing in their Software section? It's not a driver issue. :roll:

    If you look at the front page of that site it's all just AvsB article to generate page hits. Like, how can they tell the iPhone will beat M$, when they don't know the iPhone's specs, anyone know the final processor yet?
  4. it's a Xenothoneon-force xgtdxs54000 with hardware FandamingUniversalDymetric 24x that when enabled has no performance hit.

    8O smokin baby!
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