New build, still having problems

new build:
Antec Tru-power Trio 650 watt PSU
Gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5 MOBO
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ CPU
ATI Radeon X 1650 Pro 512 MB PCI-E GPU
Patriot PC2 6400 2 GB DDR2 800 PC kit

Can anyone please help, getting desperate here......

Original problem with this build was during 1st bootup, it would post, but not respond to keyboard input because of USB k/board and mouse issues, substituted known good pc input type mouse and k/board. After that the system would not display anything at all on the monitor, also no beeps whatsoever frorm the MOBO, could not enter BIOS at all. Consulted Gigabytes tech suport and RMA'd the MOBO, btw, the CPU is a known good one too.
Installed new MOBO, checked and double checked all wiring and video card seating to MOBO.
Again, no beep from MOBO, no display at all from monitor.
Case fans (2) ,GPU fan, and CPU cooler fan operate normally, so I can reasonably assume that I am getting power to the MOBO, whether this power is correct, I have no idea, is there anyway to check voltages at the connectors? This MOBO has 3 PSU connections, all of them are hooked up.
Could my problem be a bad GPU? I am led to this conclusion because there is no monitor display at all, but what would be causing no beeps at all from the MOBO?
Can anyone please help?? 8O
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  1. Have any parts to swap to test? Monitor and graphic card are the suspect, are you trying in or out of the case?
  2. Quote:
    Have any parts to swap to test? Monitor and graphic card are the suspect, are you trying in or out of the case?

    Thanks for the response bud. The monitor is a known good one, works on another system. These checks are being made with MOBO installed in the case, will try it out of the case if all else fails. For some reason I suspect that the GPU may not be seating properly in the MOBO. The case is a ThermalTake Tsunami. Instead of using the flimsy case device locks, I am securing the GPU directly to the case with a screw on the device holder. This may be causing the card to slightly pull away fron the MOBO PCI_E slot in one direction, will keep you informed.
    Gigabyte's MOBO manual very typically Asian, polite in asking you to please do this and that, but because of it's literal translation from Chinese, is a syntax nightmare....
    So far as I know, it has just 3 power input connectors, does anyone know of another connector that I may have overlooked?
  3. Either try a different graphics card if you have one, or see if you can try putting the graphics card in another system.
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