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I am thinking about upgrading to vista but I am running RAID 0 right now, would I have to reformat my RAID drives in order to upgrade to Vista, or can I do a clean upgrade and keep my information in my drives?
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  1. I'm not happy with Vista/MS...
    Regardless I have setup Vista on several types of systems in all of the flavors available. The NForce RAID on this Vista box was upgraded from XPPro. I'm spanning a RAID 0 over 2 WD drives and with the new NForce drivers I have had a almost solid upgrade.
    I have not been up w/ out problems though. My error logs are loaded and I had several spontaneous restarts. The driver (Cat7.1) from ATI had Starforce in it of all things. Daemon Tools seems to have problems. Of all things the new MS Office Word hangs every now and again. About 1/2 of the apps that went for the Vista ride had to be deleted in the harshest of ways.
    Do what you want a clean setup is always best but if you’re ready for some of the hassles the RAID should work. If you have NForce get the drivers first and get them ready to go...
  2. I attempted to upgrade XP Pro to Vista Business 32bit on Gigabyte GA965P-DQ6 with Raid 0 system drive. Vista natively supports the ICH8R chipset with built in support. The upgrade install failed after looking 100% for most of setup on the 1st restart with an unrecoverable blue screen. So no choice but to start a fresh install because any restarts stopped on the blue screen. However at that point all the data was intact even though XP and Vista setup install was unbootable. I then did a "workaround" upgrade clean install of Vista which left access to all my previous data in windows.old folder ie my documents. However this scenario only lasted until a nasty audio driver install crashed the system on logon after its restart and took down one of the raid array drives with it hence losing all system drive data. So back to a new array and workaround upgrade clean install. So far 5 days it is still booting fairly strong but the intel raid is not liking sleep mode (zany logitech bluetooth keyboard maybe) and reports errors which are basically ignored. So try it with the parachute firmly strapped on.
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