Best/reliable free program for CPU temperature monitoring?

I want to know if there is a good software that can detect--fairly precisely--a temperature of a CPU, because frankly, I don't know if I can trust nVidia's hardware monitoring software that's downloadable from their site...

It says my CPU is 56-58 Celsius, and I want to know my temperature for sure before I decide I need a replacement cooler.
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  1. I use Speedfan and I can't but thank its creators because it is very simple and vivid program.
  2. Ive used sensorsview for quite a while but cant find a cracked version so ive started using speedfan, annoyingly i cant work out how to display the cpu temp in the desktop tray instead it just displays the system temp
  3. Im looking for the same thing but would like it to have the ability to stay on top. So in a game I can check it.
    Something very small and barely noticable.
  4. There's a very simple software called Core Temp 0.99. It works fine and display the CPU temp in the task bar (I have 2 quad cores installed and it shows all 8 CPU temperatures in the task bar). I cant remember where I downloaded it but try Google it.
    I'm using 64bit OS and Speedfan apparently didn't support this.
  5. Dear all who use desktop or laptop computers try one of these,
    1. CPUID HWMonitor Pro 1.07 or Trile Version.
    2. Hmonitor Pro from

    These tow softwares not only tell you your CPU temp but they will also detect all other sensors in your system like VGA, HDD, Hub control and other voltages and Fan Rpm.
    Instead Hmonitor can also soud an alaram on over heating or can shutdown your pc.

    Have a nice day
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