Western Digital 120GB Passport drive problems

Hi guys,

I received my Western Digital Passport drive two days ago, plugged it in originally and every thing seemed fine, except it wouldn't let me transfer files across larger than 3GB or so (rough estimate, I know it's closer to 2GB) so I promptly went into disk management and formatted it as NTFS, turned off PC and thought nothing more of it.

Plugged it in yesterday expecting NTFS goodness, and within reason I did, I set a load of files to transfer and came back an hour or so later; it'd got stuck around 15% of the way, and lost loads of files (around 8GB worth?) in the process.

It kept doing this on and off, it was just so inconsistent and the connection kept dropping, I assume it isn't a faulty drive because it kept making the noise that XP makes when you connect/disconnect a USB device and the icon in the bottom left corner kept disappearing and re-appearing too.

Any suggestions on what's going wrong would be ace, thank you!
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  1. Sounds like a bad drive to me. I would RMA it.
  2. Yeah? I was thinking that, is there anything I should check just in case though? Like I said it was working fine at one point, then suddenly started dying all the time :( Thanks for the reply btw!
  3. You could remove the hard drive from the unit and hook it up to the computer and salvage what you need.
    You could run diagnostics on the hard drive as well.
    When you are finished erase the hard drive with Darik's Boot and nuke.

  4. Thanks evongugg, I don't have any sensitive data on there anyway (just my music collection mostly!) but as if by magic it's gone back to working just fine again.

    Kind of a shame since I was actually quite keen ont he idea of swapping it for a SATA drive :(
  5. And just as I decide I want to keep it after all just as a backup drive, it starts clicking again and disconnecting! Bah! :)
  6. I have a WD 80GB passport. Wich i tried with a longer usb cable and it started clicking and everything. With the cable that came with it it works perfect. Maybe your not working on the original cable (i know its very short) but maybe you can give it a go.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I'm using the original cable and now it's fine, I've tried it in different ports with no luck, gone back to the original front port and it transferred 40GB of files without any problems and also didn't drop out once!

    It's kinda weird that it keeps doing it at random times though, when Windows is booting up it goes crazy with clicking etc, but once it's settled down a bit it's fine and runs without problems it seems, but I sometimes have to reconnect it once or twice, I'm not sure why. Tempted to use it now as just a backup drive as I've ordered a new SATA drive anyway ;o
  8. Just to add to my woes, I'm not sure if it's related but since I've started using this WD Passport my computer seems to take ages to shutdown, whereas before it'd take around 5 seconds. Also, I can never disconnect the drive, I click the icon on the taskbar and it just says it cannot stop the device :/
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