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PCI Simple Communications Controller?

Just built a new computer and I have one driver that I can't find. My NIC card and sound card are already installed and there is nothing else occupying a PCI slot. Any ideas?

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  1. does it have an onboard modem?
  2. What is your motherboard?
  3. i installed all the drivers from the cd that came with the motherboard and it is still showing a missing driver..
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    PICK your OS from the link above,then go to the utilities tab and open it up,and download the driver i show below!

    Version V7.0.0.1144
    Description Intel Management Engine Interface V7.0.0.1144 for Windows 32/64bit XP & 32/64bit Vista& 32/64bit 7.
    File Size
    244,82 (MBytes) 2011.03.07 update
    Download from
    Global (DLM) | Global | China | P2P

    This will solve your issue!
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