LOW Profile PCI-E 16X graphics card??

Hi all,

I'm trying to find the best low profile GFX card for PCI-E X16 for a SFF PC?

Any ideas... as the best i can find so far is a Radeon X1300 or Nvid 7300... does no one make any of the newer models?

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  1. Low profile cards are mostly low-end card.As of right now their is no low end DX10 cards, so yes those are probably your best choices.
  2. some SFF have a full pci card adaptor for them.

    what case/computer are you trying to upgrade.
  3. i'm not sure how ATIs numbering goes


    but that is a x1550 with 256megs of ram on it. but it is pci-e1x

    that is an x1550 with 128 megs of ram on it, but it is pci-e 16x
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