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i have an old desktop its really slow it sure could use more RAM but we never chip out the money for one (by the way it started with xp pro but i upgraded to win 7 ultimate) and now my computer is really slow and blacks out when i switch users and takes a really long time to come back again and ive been thinking about switching back to xp anyway i can do that, and if i did that would it make my computer faster
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  1. An older computer would benefit from running XP as XP has a smaller overhead than Win 7. I would not run Win 7 on anything less than a dual core system with at least 1 GB RAM. ( I have seen systems run quite well on 1 GB RAM) However 2 GB for the 32 bit Win7 and 4 GB for 64 bit Win 7 is the minimum I would run. XP can run well on a single core CPU with 512 MB of RAM.
  2. you will need to do a clean install to go back to Windows XP. If a computer can only just run Windows XP it will be so slow on Windows 7 as to be unusable. See the minimum usable spec in the previous post, although I would disagree about the processor having to be a dual core one, a 3Ghz (intel) or 2700 xp (AMD) should be considered a minimum.
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