Ok i try to install Asus Pc Probe version 22306 on vista premium and it says Old bios 7-13-06 detected, must update bios 9-22-97 or later first. I have an a8n32-sli Deluxe can anyone help? thanks!!!
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  1. Don't know if it will work but most of my vista problems like FRAPS not working were solved by right click>properties and changing the compatability to run in xp and as admin.
  2. Ok i tried that and it didnt work for me, thanks though... any other help???
  3. I just re-read your original post. Have you got it installed? or is this when you are trying to install it? check asus' website for latest version.
  4. Its right when i install it says inspecting system then it pops up saying that
  5. any help? thanks
  6. please help me!!
  7. Thanks but that is the same version i had and i am still getting the same error! any ideas??!
  8. Odd. I checked with the guys at AsusTek and they said that the probe supports all NT models of Windows, including Vista.
  9. See that's what i dont understand i install it and it tells me i have an old bios, and it gives me a date that is newer than what it says i need
  10. here we go!! the error
  11. No wonder. You have to update your BIOS. The OS is fine. Its the actual motherboard BIOS that needs to be updated.
  12. But i have the newest one for my motherboard and its newer than what it says i need.
  13. What level of Vista do you have? 64bit or 32bit?
  14. 32 bit ultimate
  15. anything?
  16. Quote:
    There is a question that I have been meaning to ask you since I have several ASUS boards. Given what it does why do you need to run PC PROBE II? I have it running at the moment PC PROBE II on Vista and it reports temps, fan speed, etc. I don't use it myself since it is one more thing that is just taking up space. From what I remember there is a device driver that allows the OS to monitor the MB. I think you need that to be able to do the bios boost from w/in windows and to get the probe to work?
  17. Well, i recently got an opty 175 and i was wanting to see some temp differences between it and my old proc thanks!
  18. Ok, something is going on here that is a little deeper than i thought... i uninstalled vista because i didnt think it had enough game support yet.. so i went to install asus probe for my comp on xp Service pack 2, and now when i install, i get no errors the program just closes out... any ideas??? the only thing that i have changed was my processor... i had a 4200+ x2 when my asus probe worked, then i formatted and put vista on and i installed an opty 175 thats where my problems started... then i formatted and installed xp and an fx-60 and im still having the problem.. . any ideas? :x
  19. anything guys?
  20. this program sucks, it won't install at all for me, it just keeps saying the same thing with an Add/Remove options window "modify, repair, remove" their latest version was 2009, here its 2011 and no freakin changes, HELLO??? i figure it was a great idea back in the day, but now, its a failware.
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