How good should the quality be using a TV Tuner?

I recently purchased the Hauppauge HVR-1600 and was able to get it to work in Windows XP and Vista however am not impressed with the quality. After reading reviews I thought the quality was going to be very similar to what I get on my TV but it's not even close. I have it hooked to the analog cable (Comcast Cable) using the typical RF Connector (F connector).
The quality seems blurred and at times pixelated even and I just want to know if that is typical with these cards and should live with it or maybe I have a bad connection. I had a different card previous to this one and always thought the quality was because I bought a cheap model.

It is watchable but some events llike sports are a bit painful.

FYI I have Comcast Digital Cable for my TV but where my computer is I just have an RF connector with no Digital box.

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  1. I use an older WinFast TV 2000 XP Deluxe and my signal is pretty good. Good enough to record and burn to DVD too.
    Now... it's not digital, or HD or anything, but looks very good on my 20" LCD. I do notice some blurriness and pixelation when I go full-screen on my 24" however; but my 20" handles it quite nicely.

    I'm using this setup on my system which dual-boots for XP Pro SP2, and Vista Ultimate and it works well in both systems.

    Once in a while I notice some channels are fuzzy while others are clear, and I find that twisting my Coax cable 1/2 turn clockwise or counter-clockwise will clear it up.
  2. One thing you need to be aware of is that the resolution difference between the signal you receive and the resolution your monitor can handle. If your video is 640x480 and you're playing it full screen on a 1280x1024 monitor, your picture will be blurry or pixelated (depending on which software you use to view with). Basically, resize your video window to fit in the upper 640x480 of your screen and it should look clear... :wink:

    Of course, if you get digital channels... the resolution would be better than standard cable.

    This link could help clear up what I just said:
    Click here...

    Me personally, I have an old TV card and typically just have the video in the lower right corner of my screen.

    What I'm really happy about though, is I got the old Hauppauge card (878 chipset) to work on Win XP x64 without drivers from Hauppauge. Go figure, they said they can't make it work... and here we have 3rd party software that makes their cards work.

    Anyways, I hope that helped...
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