System won't boot Aopen i915a-HFS

mobo: Aopen i915a-HFS
cpu: Pentium M Processor 750
memory: CRUCIAL 2GB KIT (1GB x 2) PC2-5300 667MHZ CL5 240-PIN DDR2

video: either onboard or old geforce-2 pci
monitor: 19in. VGA LCD (no dvi)

After assembling my new system, it wouldn't boot. (no POST video)
So I stripped it to the above essentials., and it still doesn't boot.

Can anyone suggest my next steps for debugging this?
Could it be that the onboard video wants to use the dvi port since its and LCD
monitor? (The monitor I have is vga only, even though its LCD)

Everything is new to me.
The processor, the mobo , and the memory.
So I cannot say that I have seen any of them working in other configurations.

What should I do next?

thanks for any tips/pointers.
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  1. This started working after unplugging/plugging everything in for the
    10000th time. Maybe the memory wasn't making good contact, but
    I'm not sure.
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