Carbon fiber heat spreader on Geil?

Does anybody have any experience with this Geil memory?

Timings look good and at a good price.
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  1. Geil is good memory. I have a system at home running a pair of 512s overclocked and they run great. I'm not sure about to whole carbon fiber heatspeader, sounds like a gimic to me.
  2. I have a friend whos using 2x512mb Geil rams, they're running quite stable.
  3. I don't see why anyone would want to put carbon fiber on their heat spreaders, are you sure it's not just a paint scheme or something?

    Anyway, I've heard it's pretty good.
  4. The web-site states that it is carbon fiber manufactured by the same company that manufactures aftermarket BMW parts.
  5. Carbon fiber technically can lower the heat of a module, up to almost a 20 degree difference compared to the standard copper shields. But carbon fiber is also very, very fragile, and it doesn't look like OCZ is using pure carbon fiber for their shields.....
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