Install Mobo Drivers or keep Windows7 drivers?

I have a simple question, I recently fresh installed Windows7 and was wondering if I should Install the new mobo drivers from the ASUS site (i have an ASUS P5Q Pro) or should I just keep the current microsoft drives for all the chipsets/lan/etc. The only Thing I installed was the Realtek sound driver. Would there be any advantages to install proper drivers? because right now my computer runs perfectly stable and smooth using the Windows7 ones.
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    I would install the manufacturer provided drivers for your video, network and chipset. Everything else (like an SD card reader) can operate on the generic drivers just fine.
  2. Alright, I'll install the latest network and chipset drivers. I recently got ati catalyst 9.11. What are your views on SATA drivers?
  3. Yes, those should definitely be installed. I forgot to include this in my list, as the SATA controller drivers are sometimes included in the chipset driver package.

    Edit: If the SATA controller drivers give you problems in the future, you can always roll them back to the generic driver too.
  4. aright cool, thanks man!
  5. You're welcome!
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