(S939 X2 3800+) Manchester or Toledo??

I asked a question on here a couple of days ago regarding the choice between the single core 4000+ or dual core 3800+

Now what I would like to know is which core is better for overclocking, perferably with minimal voltage.

Toledo which has half of its L2 cache disabled, but was featured in FX-60


The newer Manchester core which should have a smaller core because it was built with 512kb of cache.

So which should clock further... the E4 Toledo... or the E6 Manchester?
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  1. This is something I want to know too. I might be getting a 3800+, but I have no idea what the difference is between cores.
  2. I know toledo cores are good, a lot of dual-core opterons were based on toledo cores in socket 939.
    opterons are built for server environment with extra stablity, so in my opinion toledo is the way to go.
  3. Theres a THG article on the 3800+ Manchester and its supposed to go to 2.8 or 3ghz on aftermarket air.


    Gotta scourer the web for 3ghz 64X2 Manchesters, but its the OC king in this ring.
  4. Manchester. The Toledo has half its cache disabled (Toledo = 1MB per core), which means it probably will be slot less efficient in terms of heat, rather than the Manchester, which only has 512KB per core to begin with.
  5. Cool ! I just bought a manchester :D
  6. Trying to find something I read a long time ago about overclocking these two CPU's. They seemed to indicate that one of them (the Toledo I think) scales better when overclocked.....will continue looking.
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