Mis-matched memory in an EVGA 680i motherboard?

I'm currently running a c2d e6400 with a small OC to 3gb with 2*1gb Corsair Dominator 4-4-4-12 ddr2-800 ram.

NCIX has 2*1gb of Corsair XMS2 4-4-4-12 ddr2-667 ram for $104cnd.

Anyone know if both ram speeds will run okay in the evga 680i motherboard?
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  1. they 800 stick will clock down to 667 speed. But you really dont need anymore than 2 gigs of ram
  2. And under 32-bit Win XP or 32-bit Vista, you'll only have typically 3-3.5GB usable out of the 4GB anyway, due to OS limits.
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