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I had a 128MB flash drive mp3 player recently I got a problem when I connect to the USB, removable drive is getting displayed but I was not able to open the drive or format the drive,when I double click to open the drive a "request could not be performed because of I/O device error" message is getting displayed.I was not able to format the drive even when I try to play the device "Reformat: error media" is getting displayed on player screen.Please give me a solution to rectify this problem
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  1. hey, I have the same proble you're having. did you find a solution yet?
  2. i have the same problem with my 512MB flash drive mp3 player....if someone knows how to fix it....please public the solution,....
  3. Guys, if you stick those drives in a different computer, do they work? Just trying to figure out if the problem is the drive itself or the USB ports on the computer.

    My Cowon MP3 player gave me errors like that from time to time on the old PC, where I had USB 1.1 native ports from the mobo, as well as USB 2.0 ports provided by a Startech PCI card. It happened only with the 2.0 ports. Those ports did work all right with external hard disks though. The player works fine in my new PC where the USB 2.0 is native. Maybe different devices implement USB 2.0 differently and there are incompatibilities.
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