ms Outlook Email ERROR..Keeps asking for Network Password

Going crazy here....I installed the Vista Home Preimum on my XP Media Edition and I can access email on Microsoft Outlook BUT, if I close Outlook and then re-open it, the Outlook appears for a short time then disappears, I click on it again and it ALWAYS asks me AGAIN for my Network Passwords...I have six email accounts and it is ridiculous....I can send/receive anytime and repeatedly BUT, if I close Outlook and then bring it back up...BAM-gotta put those passwords in again.....My only solution is to keep Outlook open and minimize it when I don't need it to the bottom tool bar.....(Outlook Express is now called Windows Mail and I tried that first...That was a big bust...Very irratic, unreliable...The folders would not open and it suggested I did not have enough hard drive or memory..Joke..I have over 200GB of HD and 3.25 GB of memory...This is why I am now trying MS Outlook for my default Mail)

Help badly needed....I am running Professional Office 2002 and according to MS they are only sending "security" updates for it and have stopped all "support" updates.....

Looks like I'm going to order Professional Office 2007....the only way out...

Vista Home Premium Upgrade


1. This is a 32-bit operating system. Status: Resolved by purchasing Vista Home Premium 64-bit DVD directly from Microsoft for $9.95

2. Although the Vista Upgrade loaded properly and did save all emails and email contacts and their email address there is no longer an “Outlook Express”. It is now called “Windows Mail”. I had trouble with Windows Mail from the very beginning and it unreliable, unpredictable and getting the constant error message of “Folder Could Not Be Displayed” due to not enough disk space (?) or not enough memory (?). Status: Resolved by migrating all contacts to “Microsoft Outlook” and setting Microsoft Outlook as my default mail setting.

3. Vista Microsoft Outlook when opening Outlook I must constantly reload my passwords in the password dialog box that keeps popping up and is quite a hassle due to the fact I have six email accounts and have to load the password into each of them. Status: Open. Microsoft is telling me it is my current Professional Office Software because it is 2002 and no longer gets support updates. 2002 only gets security updates….I have tried going to the control panel—Administrative Toos—Services—Protected Storage—Properties and changed setting to “Automatic” instead of Manual or Disable NO HELP. I have also tried Control Panel—Internet Options—Content—Personal Information—Autocomplete button and removed the “remember password” check mark…NO HELP….

4. Vista Upgrade did not carry over my surround 5.1 sound card in the control panel. The control panel is only showing to speakers of left and right. When listening to my PC TV I only have the right and left speakers operating and my sub-woofer, center speaker and my surround sound speakers are silent. HOWEVER, when listening to music on the internet or playing CDs all speakers and subwoofer are functional. Status: Open

5. Lost all faxing capabilities with Vista. Status: Open

6. HP Digital ScanJet 3970 is non-functioning. Open. I have gone to the HP Support website and there are no “Vista” drivers available at this time. They think by mid March. I am on their email alert when it is available.
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  1. I am using Outlook XP and it does the same thing with the passwords on network connections.

    As far as the scanning problem, what error are you getting installing the drivers for the printer using MS drivers on the DVD? There are no Vista drivers for my HP printer/scanner/fax, but Vista found it and installed it as a printer during installation. Under scanning, my All-In-One printer immediately worked without me having to do a thing. Per HP support when I called, they said there should be functional support for their products (they were one of the 1st manufacturers to give driver support for Vista to be bundled in the software). I am using Vista32, maybe it doesn't work that way with Vista64 but this is the first I have heard of an HP printer issue. However, their upcoming Vista drivers from HP are supposed to add better control of the printer settings.
  2. An update on my journey of installing Vista Home Premium as an “upgrade” to my Windows XP; I had many issues initially but, doing a “clean” installation AFTER saving my documents, email address and pictures to a removable external hard drive, REALLY helped. That (clean installation) returned my high definition sound to all applications and fixed my email always asking for a password problem. Oh and by the way after you have done a “clean” installation you can NOT go back and do a reinstall—it kept saying after I typed in my Vista Product Key # “use your current Windows”…They only way out was to go to a restore point (why was a reinstallation needed? I was running non-compatible software and my two CD/DVD drives became unrecognized anyway going to a restore point fixed it)..BE SURE AND SAVE YOUR XP RECOVERY DISK…
    Here are some pointers:

    1. Highly recommend a “clean” installation AFTER saving your important documents, DO NOT load back any old software. It will NOT be compatible to the Vista O.S. and believe me it is trouble. I am talking about in my case: MS Professional Office 2002, Adobe PhotoShop Elements 4.0, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Standard, any version of FrontPage and finally my HP ScanJet 3970 (drivers to be out sometime in March).

    2. My HP Printer loaded flawlessly and all automatically.

    3. Under “Programs and Features” in the control panel, I only showed McaFee. I have since purchased MS Professional Office 2007. Excellent. All working great. Drove me nuts trying to find the import/export function in Outlook but, FIRST you must send your address book to Windows Mail (that you have saved in your external hard drive) and then you can find the import/export function in your Outlook program.

    4. Still unable to send any faxes using my phone line. MightyFax should be out with some Vista software shortly and at a very reasonable price. (Microsoft are you listening? How about making your “Fax and Scan” available at a reasonable price?)

    5. You can download Acrobat 8.0 which is free and works great so far. Remember, ALL adobe products with the exception of Acrobat 8.0 are NOT compatible with Vista.
  3. I had the same problem and I found this explaination:


    > 14 Mar 2007, 6:16 PM UTC
    > *Rob Kenny - MSFT** *
    > Posts 54
    >> This was a difficult, deliberate choice. During the development of
    > Vista, it was discovered that the password storage algorithm used by
    > Outlook was too weak to protect your data from future, potential
    > attacks. _Both the security and application compatibility teams decided
    > that protecting your data outweighed the inconvenience of having to
    > retype your passwords. _As the appcompat representative, I can assure
    > you this was not a decision we took lightly, and my apologies for any
    > inconvenience we've caused you.
    > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Microsoft AppCompat Guy
  4. Thanks for the update..MS Office Outlook Mail working fine...Bought MS 2007 Professional Office...Works great...

    Running 64-bit Antivirus Software by Trend Micro after McAfee turned their back on ALL 64-BIT USERS.....No real complaints about Trend Micro....

    Wish the 64-bit I.E. browser had flash available to it. Any video such as YouTube or flash player I must switch to my 32-bit I.E. browser to watch....

    By the way, I had to trash (gave it away to a co-worker using XP) my HP Scanner ScanJet 3970..HP informed me they would only be providing "basic drivers" for Vista 64-bit...Too Bad..

    I reiterate I will absolutely NOT buy any product/software unless it says VISTA 64-BIT COMPATIBLE...

    Current "Vista Compatible" language means 32-bit......

    Another wish, I wish MS would have LEFT THE FAXING SOFTWARE in the Vista Home Premium Edition.....Still waiting for MIghtyFax to come up with some software for Vista 64-bit.

    Windows Vista Home Premium
    64-bit Operating System
    I.E. 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    Gateway FX510S
    Intel(R) Pentium® D CPU 3.40GHz
    4093 MB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS Graphics Card

    (IP Provider Cox Cable)
    Download: 10.0 Mbps Upload: 1.0 Mbps
    Coaxial direct to tower for TV viewing on Monitor

    Linksys Cable Modem Ethernet connection
    HP LaserJet 1300 PCL 5 printer
    Logitech Z-5300 Speakers and Sub-Woofer
    20” Envision LCD Monitor
    APC Back-UPS ES 750
    Western Digital 60 GB Removable hard drive
    Belkin 15in1 Media Reader/Writer

    MS Office Professional 2007
    Adobe Acrobat 8
    Trend Micro Internet Security 2007
  5. I notice that I said I "can" fine the printer should have said can not find the printer.
  6. Quote:
    I notice that I said I "can" fine the printer should have said can not find the printer.

    Where is your original post concerning "printer"?
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