What's the best equipment for setting up a computer lab?

sorry... i inserted the username instead of the thread in my first posting....i need some recommendations on what hardware and software are best on the market to set up a computer lab for about 15 students. like what motherboards, processors and memory should we go for/ what type of printer (we will probably have one or two fro the class to share), and what about NICs and wireless network devices... classes will be held mainly for PC Support Technician... any recommendations appreciated...
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I can't post this reply without appearing rude but the harsh reality is that if the person conducting the course doesn't have their own answer to this, they are not ready to teach.

  2. Thanks for your reply... it may sound rude but it is also true... in fact i will not be teaching... i am just investing in the class and will obviouly be recruiting qualified staff... my intention was to get a good idea of what is available on the market and what best to go for in a sincere way from people who may not have a financial interest in giving their recommendations... before i set out to buy the equipment...but i can understand your interpretation no problem... cheers

  3. I fix PCs for a living and herer in the UK, I can build and sell a basic office machine for for a little over £250, then charge two hours at between £40 and £55 an hour for installing on to it and setting it up in the office concerned. Your first class can set the whole bang shoot up for you. :D

    Wherever you are, costs will vary - in the States they pay a lot less than we do in Europe. but scale that figure up by fifteen and you haave a clue that you'll be paying three grand for the computers alone.

    A couple of printers at £50 (British) - one wireless and one connected to a machine by USB for the purpose of teaching sharing, etc. Add in a wireless router and two eight port switches to connect by ethernet and you're ready to go. If they're being taught to give remote support over software, you need no more but if full service is to be the aim, some tools will be necessary - possibly costing a hundred pounds per student.

    Hopefully someone else will pitch in with a guide to US prices. Where will all this take place?

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