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I want to buy a media pc and an LCD tv for my living room and I have a few questions
1) I see that most graphic cards have an DVI output and LCD tvs have HDMI input, are this the same? or do i need to find a card that has HDMI output? and in general what type of connection do you think is best for connecting a pc to a tv?
2)which TV tuner card would you recommend?

thx for your help
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  1. I do not have a TV tuner suggestion, but I can tell you this. DVI turns into HDMI with an adapter costs like three bucks. I think they must work the same technically, the only difference being the jack.
  2. Anything you are looking for, playback, dual channel, scheduling? I went with Hauppauge PVR-150 and got the bundle frow here
    Almost everything you want to know about tuners and software
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