e6600 how high before needing northbridge cooler

Im using a ds3 mobo and was thinking of pushing my e6600 up to around 3.6. Will that need a better northbridge cooler? if so, how high would it be better to aim for without installing a northbridge cooler? thx
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  1. I overclocked my e6600 to 3.6 (400x9), but system locked up during cpu test in 3D Mark 06.. So I decreased the multiplier down to 400x8 (3.2GHz)
    and is very stable with low CPU temps.. Unfortunately as you know there is know way to really know how hot the Northbridge gets (AFAIK).. other than touching the heatsink.. which seems ok for me anyway.
  2. As long as your dont increase the vMCH you should be good to about 400mhz fsb. After that you might think twice. Also look at the Core2 overclock guide. There are alot of settings in the bios you should disable. I found disabling these lightens the load on the chipset and it runs cooler buy a nice chunk.
  3. I got an Thermal Take Northbridge cooler but it does not over clock any better.

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