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Wonder if anyone can help. . I'm looking to setup a server (at home) where 3 PC's will be connected. One mine, and the other 2 my brothers.

i've got a wireless Netgear router, and i take it that the server will be connected to the router via hardwire.

Obviously after the server has been setup etc, i will be logging onto that then accessing the net from there BUT, will it be possible to log onto the PC locally (not logging onto domain) and access the net from there? So basically have 2 options before entering username/password. Log onto 'Domain' or log onto 'This PC'. I should be able to configure the WZC so that i'm able to connect to the Net like that also yeh?

ALSO....I work away from home at a location 10 miles up the road. I have net access there but is it possible to log onto the home domain from my work from the intial ctrl+alt+del?

Any help would be mucho appreciatedo.
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  1. If you're not setting up a Domain, you won't be logging into the server. You will be using it as a file server for the most part. Your Router will handle your DHCP, DNS/WINS, routing, unless you disable the DHCP and switch that to your server.. which really doesn't make sense unless you're trying to learn how to do it in a larger environment.

    You will still log into your PCs locally since you're not using a domain. Basically, you'll have 4 PCs connected to the router, wired or wireless.

    You'll have to create an account on the server for each PC.. say User1 and password of Dog is on your PC. You have to create the same account on your server.

    I assume you'll be using a version of Windows server? I'm not familar on setting up a domain with Linux. But I know setting up a domain on Windows isn't a walk in the park unless you know exactly what you're trying to do and have an understanding of the whole process. Its not something you can just tell someone how to do.

    So, create your shares on your server, create identical accounts on the server, let the router hand out DHCP and you'll be gold. You can set your server to a static IP address so that doesn't change and screw up any network drives you map.
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