How to find mobo drivers for my TOSHIBA laptop using XP Pro?

Where can I find drivers for my TOSHIBA laptop A135-S2286 mobo? I cant install the Radeon vid drivers for Xp Pro UNTIL I first install all the mobo drivers. CPUID gave me a cryptic Toshiba IAYAA brand mobo which I never heard of. I want to run XP Pro and right now the Device Manager shows NO vid display since the native vid driver is VGASave which sucks.

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  1. They should be available on the Toshiba websire
  2. I have the same problem and still loking for the drivers. I get into the toshiba website and drivers are there, hoevrr there are not for Win XP Pro, only vista.... any look on your side.
  3. Toshiba has its technical support. They would be glad to provide your requirements. The right one that is. Check Toshiba's official site.
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