How do I set up a dual boot to 2 drives?

How do I set up a dual boot to 2 drives? I have XP Pro on c drive. I'd like to keep it a set up dual boot so I can use vista on d drive and xp when vista won't work.

And can someone please explain to me how Dual boot works? Would I have to reinstall XP?

Thanks Kirk.
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  1. Change your boot order in BIOS so the other drive is first. If you're paranoid, disconnect your XP system drive first. Install Vista. You'll have to switch boot order in BIOS to go back to XP then, but there are other ways...

    Apparently you can install Vista from XP to another drive but it will put the Vista bootloader on your XP drive so Vista starts first.
  2. The BIOS on my motherboard lets me choose which hard drive to boot from by pressing F8 at boot. I choose never to let Windows or Linux access each other so I use methods like disabling hardrives during the install.

    Tweakhound has some good information to help.
  3. So you can only have one os drive active at a time? You can't set it up like windows and click between the two drives?
  4. Once the OS is installed you can 'see' your other drives. There are several ways to multi-boot such as boot loaders...

    Edit: When I said never to let Windows or Linux access each other, I meant during the install as I perfer not to use boot-loaders such as GRUB, LILO. Once the OS is installed, upon reboot select which HD you want to boot from via the BIOS menu. There are several ways to dual-boot your system, need to choose what is best for you.
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