Thermalright Ultra-120 Etreme dosent fit EVGA 680i!?

From Themalright FAQ...

Question 3:

Can Thermalright Ultra-120 fit on an EVGA 680i motherboard?

The Ultra-120 together with its backplate can be installed on motherboard such as the ASUS Striker Extreme (680i) Edition without a problem but for other EVGA motherboards, Ultra-120 will not be able to be installed due to the micro SMD on the backside of the board and underneath the CPU socket. The backplate for the Ultra-120, if installed, will be pressed against those micro SMD, risking damage and/or causing a short circuit. We will be developing a solution soon to solve that problem.

Can anyone confirm if they have fixed this? And dose anyone with an EVGA 680i motherboard have suggestions for a CPU heat sink that is sufficient for overclocking?
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  1. i installed mine last night i hope it doesnt hurt any thing. The back plate has a silicone gasket that covers the hole backplate anad a foam cusion on it so i dont see how it would short it out. at least i hope not.
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