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I just recently put a new computer on my wireless network, and the instillation and initial connection went smooth. But when I play online games, specifically BF 2142, every minute or two my connection ping shoots way up, and I even get the connection has been interrupted, message, but almost immediately the connection speeds up again. So I get these huge spikes or connection dropouts, and I have no idea why. My girlfriends laptop uses a intel internal wireless card and she never has any issues playing.

I have the latest drivers and normal downloading and internet browsing runs fine.

Router: D-Link Model No: WBR-2310
Wireless adapter: RT2500 USB Wireless LAN Card

I am stumped and any suggestions would be wonderful, thank you!
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  1. If I were you, I would buy an external Wireless NIC... :P

    Try that, and tell me what happens then
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