Help on configuring settings on an 8800 GTS (Nvidia Panel)

in the nvidia control panel..... in the manage settings, where there are AA configuration... lighting.. etc... etc... anti blah blah....

what's the MAX settings ? coz some category is quite confusing....

and also...

on the 3d settings, where in theres a choice between performance and quality... the PREVIEW window doesnt show anything at all. Can anyone kindly help me out ?? thanks alot !
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  1. Can it be that u use vista? I had the same problem, its a drive issue, but since its only a control panel dont bother.

    Select advanced view and u get all the settings u need. ;)
  2. i use MCE..... well... that solved the problem, i can see the preview now...

    but what i want to know is the lighting effects and such... you know.. the AA... etc... buffering.. whatever that is ... thx !!
  3. my settings are:

    Anisotropic : App-controlled
    AA Gamma : On
    AA mode : Enhance Application setting
    AA Setting : 8x
    AA Transparency : Multisampling
    Conformant Texture Clamp : Hardware
    Error reporting : off
    Extension limit : off
    force mipmaps : none
    Texture filtering - aniso sample optimization : on
    Negative LOD bios : Enable
    Texture filtereing quality : Quality
    Texture filtering - trilinear optimization : On
    Threaded optimization : On
    Triple buffering : On
    Vertical sync : Use 3d app setting

    Hope this helps. My philosophy is I try to set as much as I can ingame, hence the aniso and vsync setting. However, after some research I found out that nvidia recommend the enhance app setting for antialiasing, it uses CSAA which seems faster and better. Don't hesitate to post any comments if you have any.
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