New to OC'ing

I am looking to build a new computer and have no experience in overclocking. My lacking knowledge in the past was that overclocking was a risk that the computer would not be stable and/or you could fry/ruin components, so it wasn't worth the risk.

However since looking into this site and others, it sounds like my past understanding was way off base. So I am now looking to try my first overclocking.

I prefer Intel over AMD and from what I have been reading the Core 2 Duo is better anyways. Which processor is most recommended. I have read that the E6300 is good but the E4300 is better. Is the E6600 better.

The mobo is obviously very important (i know nothing about them) I have read that the Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 is a good choice, is there something better or different one that offer better price/value reward?

I am planning on buying a couple of new HD's as well, I will use my Western Digital Raptor 36GB 10,000RPM to hold the operating system, then a couple other mid-range HD's 300GB or so, then an external 500+ GB.

Graphics card, I currently have NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT, which needs to be updated. I need the ability to have two monitors, other than that the top notch or one/two steps down if oc'ing helps graphics card, which I think it does, just not sure how.

Memory and power are important as well. I get even more lost when it comes to Memory. I just know that i will have 2GB's of memory. Which brands, I have no clue, whatever works the best.

As I am sure the question will be asked, how much am I looking to spend, and this is an answer I am not sure on. I am looking for a great computer, but not looking to spend 10k, but can spend more than $500. I would say 2-3k is about my limit. I have no idea if that is plenty, not enough, or just right. That is what I am hoping to figure out as I begin this processing. I play games, I don't do very much in the way of video or 3d rendering, although I am planning on attempting to learn auto cad.

Thanks in advance to any and all that offer me advice in this new venture.
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  1. I'm glad to see you have got past that misconception. My old rig at home is a P4 2.4C running at 3.2Ghz and has been running at that speed for 3 years now. When your overclock the correct way, you will not have instabilities and fried parts.

    The core series is a very good choice for overclocking. If you can afford the E6600, I would encourage you to purchase it. Otherwise the E4300 and E6300 are good choices on a budget. The E6600 will normally have a max overclock higher than the 43 and 63. Typically they can hit 3.6 without much effort and have heard of them hitting 4 with liquid and phase change. Although, I think making a goal of 3.2-3.6 is what you should be looking for with the E6600.

    For a motherboard the GA-956P-DS3 is very good price/performance wise.

    This is what I recommend for memory.

    As for the price it should be in the range of $1000-$1500.
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