Corsair Twin2X2048-6400 Issue

I boot up my machine, from cold boot only, and I get the long drawn out, DRAM Bios Beep Error when using this 6400 Memory.

My system is as follows.

Core2Duo E6300 @ Stock Speeds, as attempting any form of overclock results in the system restarting after the Video Memory test.
Gigabyte 965PDS3 Motherboard
Leadtek 512mb 7950GT
2048mb Corsair Twin2X Matched DDRII-800

I have run Memtest86 and got a horridly large amount of memory errors instantaneously. My problem isnt working out what the warranty is, that part I know. The biggest problem is, I live in Japan, bought this memory here in Japan, and therefor have no idea how I am to deal with Corsair as their website only seems to relate to the US side of their company.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do with this?
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  1. Use USPS Global Priority Mail $5.20 plus Ins.
  2. What speed, timings and voltage is you're memory set at.

    Maybe the default detected by spd needs more voltage? I don't really know that motherboard but maybe it using a multiplier to run the memory at it's rated speed but not enough voltage.
  3. Have you checked that your voltages are correct? My 680i board defaults the dram to 1.8 volts and my corsair dominator 6400's are listed as running at 2.1 volts... My PC would load fine but would randomly crash until at first I underclocked the memory to 667 speed, then read on how I could run the timings I wanted at 800mhz if I bumped the volts.

    Try that maybe?
  4. Hrm, after some testing here at work using my Memory in a DELL Optiplex system, running Memtest here, it would seem it isnt the memory as no issues have arisen while it has been running. Im going to keep it running today, as see how it goes.

    It is however, running in Single Channel mode in the DELL machine, and at home its running dual channel. When I get home I plan on fiddling a bit with it, perhaps adjust it between dual and single channel, and I need to badly update the Bios on the board I realised today.

    Still running the F7 Bios, latest being F10 with F11 in beta.

    EDIT: The timings of the memory I am using is, 5-5-5-12.
    They are the Corsair Twin2X2048-6400 Memory chips, not the lower latency chips. After realising this, I have noticed that according to the memory compatability sheet for the DS3 it says for 800Mhz Ram that the C4 (being the lower latency) is supported, but it says nothing about the C5 memory, could this be my issue?
  5. Quote:
    no those sticks are reported to work on that board. Can you go into your BIOS and manually change voltage to 1.9v it may resolve your problem immediately.

    Well, right now, I cant, being at work. As soon as I get home however, I will be replacing the sticks back into my tower, and checking the settings.

    Am I right in assuming that the "default" setting for Ram voltage on the DS3 is 1.8v so it should be placed at +0.1 volts for 1.9v?
  6. I have run Memtest for a good 5 hours, half the time in Single Channel mode, and the other half of the time Dual Channel (This being all on the DELL) and I had no errors.

    I have a couple of theories,
    1) The Bios on my home system needs to be updated
    2) My board at home doesnt like running the memory in Dual Channel mode
    3) The board at home isnt undervolting the memory
    4) The ram itself doesnt actually want to run at 800Mhz correctly.

    Either way, these are all just theories until I can get home and test them.
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