I've put 32 bit Vista on 64 bit system...was I wrong?

Just wondering what did I lose by doing so....I had bad experiences with XP 64 bit so I decided to go with 32 bit Home Premium.... because better driver support 'n stuff.
Was that a bad decision? What would I gain by installing 64 bit version?

BTW, 32 bit version is working great for serious flaws or driver issues so far...
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  1. For now, so long as you don't need to run 4 or more gigs of memory your decision was fine. You might want to revisit at some point in the future when Vista 64 realizes its potential.
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    You absolutely made the right choice. I'm running 64 bit Vista right now and I'm REALLY regretting it. Driver support is absolutely horrid. I had to do some major hacking to get Vista to use my wireless network card. And forget about RAID support. I've got a RAID array that's completely useless because Silicon Image doesn't have a 64 bit Vista driver that works.
  3. Huuh, I feel much better now... I rarely meake good choices. :lol:
    Sorry for you, though...
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