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Ok, I have been out of the game now for several years since AMD chips dont overclock to well and cause stability issues. Is it ok to have a continuous overclock on a Core 2 Duo? I purchased an E6600 in the efforts of having it clock consistantly at 3ghz. my experiences with overclocking AMD cpu's is that the overclock worked great at first, but after awhile, it started to become unstable, having me set it at stock speeds. After an overclock trashed my windows installation, I just kept it at stock speeds. I now have my E6600 at a 10% overclock and it isn't even breaking a sweat at 2.64 ghz without touching the voltage and using the stock fan. I am just wondering how high I can go with CONSISTANT stability. This weekend, I am going to slap a LED 9700 on it and see if I can have a stable overclock at 3ghz by following the steps of the guide in this forum. Can anybody tell me about any overclocking experiences, good or bad you have with the core 2 duos? I am mostly looking for stability, however, the speed comes great for gaming. Any help is appreciated!
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  1. With C2D chips, stable overclocking is mainly tied to efficient cooling and a good pairing of MoBo and RAM.

    There is a great guide that talks about safe OC temperatures here:

    There are many threads that deal with good parts to pair up for successful overclocking all over the popular forums (here, Anandtech, HardForum, etc...).

    I've made several overclocked C2D systems for friends and family over that last few months, and all of them have performed very well. I just recently set up several systems for myself, one using an E4300 and another using an E6600.

    Both hit 3.0+ GHz very easily on an MSI P6N SLI-FI and GSkill RAM (timings were 4-4-4-12 one one and 4-4-3-5 on the other).

    The E6600 is using a Zalman CNPS7700-ALCU fan, and the E4300 is using an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7.

    Not all CPUs will hit the same speed, but if you use a quality case with decent cooling, a decent HSF, and decent parts, you'll hit a long-term stable 3.0+GHz quite easily.
  2. 3GHz on an e6600 is a stroll in the park. My e6400 Allendale chip hit 3GHz with ease. Just remember you are working with 65nm chips instead of 90nm chips like AMD. It's a whole different ballgame and you have the home team advantage.
  3. Excellent! Now just to get a couple of days off of work so I can play. Six hours a day just doesn't cut it :( . I am so used to AMD systems as that is all I have been using for the past six years, Intel is a new experience, hopefully a good one.
  4. Happy OC'ing!

  5. INCREDIBLE!!!!! I installed my Zalman CNPS9700 LED cooler (with AS 5), set the FSB to 333mhz with an overclock of 3.0GHZ, and a Vcore of 1.40. It ran through Prime95 and Memtest86 with a breeze, and without showing any signs of stability issues or errors. At load, I was having a CPU temp of 42c :). This core is amazing!! No wonder AMD's sales are down.......who would want to buy one with this kind of performance and overclockability that the Core 2 duo has to offer!
  6. Happy OCing :lol:
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