New build wont boot

Ok im am building a new comp and finally got all the components in. I put it all together and now it wont boot. All the fans turn on, the CPU fan, all 4 system fans, and the video card fan. The Mobo lights turn on. but it doesnt do anything, no video output no beeps nothing. Any ideas

OCZ platnium revision II PC800 DDR2 ram
Zalman 9700LED fan
eVGA 8800 GTX card
Raptor X SATA
7200.10 250gb drive SATA
2 SATA DVD drives

anybody please???

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  1. sounds one or more of the 12V leads is not plugged in. The 8800GTX takes 2 leads. Past that, take out all but the minimum and check it again. What is your PSU?
  2. PSU is OCZ Gamexstream 700w

    i figured it out though, im a moron and forgot to plug in the CPU power, i saw the spot but didnt see any plugs on the PSU for it, it had fallen behind the PSU lol. I feel stupid now

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