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I have a Pentium 3 800MHz CPU with 128 MB of SDRAM and a GeForce2 MX 3D card. I recently re-installed Windows. After I re-installed Windows I installed Windows Media Player v7.1 and whenever I play movies I get a blue screen of death saying something about vmm.vxd (a virtual device driver file in System folder of Windows). When I tried to start WMP up without restarting I got an illegal
error saying something about ddraw.dll, which is DirectDraw. I just installed the new version of DirectX 8.0. Again I re-installed Windows 98SE
and tried playing movies with WMP v6.x. I didn't get any blue screens of death so I tried installing WMP v7.1 and again I got the blue screen of death. So I was writing to see if anyone could help me to stop these errors.
Is there something wrond with WMP v7.x or is it just my computer. I installed the new 12.41 drivers for the GF2 and still no luck. In the Advanced section of the GF2 properties should the driver version numbers change to v12? etc. Plus in the Advanced part it still says I've got DirectDraw version 1. Should this have changed when I installed the new drivers for the GF2?

btw: this really is driving me crazy
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  1. Anyone gonn help me here?
  2. It sounds like you have some serious system file corruption, and this probably predated any recent driver installations you may have done.

    My advice would be to format and reinstall the operating system. Afterwards, install, in sequence:

    DirectX 8.0a (NOT 8.1 beta.)
    ATA/100 storage driver (if applicable)
    Chipset drivers
    Drivers for your sound card
    Drivers for your pointing device and/or keyboard
    Any other drivers needed for components you didn't mention in your post, such as a NIC card, a SCSI card, a hardware MPEG card, or a modem, etc.

    Finally ... install the drivers for your video card. You should probably start with the Detonator 6.50's. But if you don't like these, move up to the 12.41's. I'd avoid the 21.81's, with your MX card, at this time.

    Be sure that the BIOS settings for your mainboard are correct, and check your jumper settings. Please refer to your mainboard manual for that information, or go to the manufacturer's website.

    The version of the driver you installed should have started with a 4 or a 5, depending on your OS. Only the last four numbers will reflect the driver version in the series.

    The problem is not with Windows Media Player 7.1 ... it is your system. The fact that you have a corrupt or missing VMM32.DLL file is enough of an issue to warrant a clean installation, considering all the other errors you are experiencing.

    Mind you ... I don't mean for you just to overwrite. Repartition the drive, format, and install from scratch.

    Please make sure that you have a valid boot disk before beginning this procedure, and that your Windows CD setup.exe file is visible when viewed from the CD-ROM while in DOS.


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