Whats the difference between a normal and quick format ?

Since i was in a hurry yesterday (i just bought a new system), i did a quick format on the NEW hdd...

am i risking something ? or do i need to reformat EVERYTHING again, ive installed almost all of the programs and utilities... thanks alot !
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  1. In the past, I was told that a quick format would be more likely to have errors than a full format. I've had the occasion to have a floppy disc that I quick formatted refuse to function, but after I did a full format, it worked fine.

    Now that you've installed almost all your programs and utilities, its a bit late for asking, unless you want to do a full format and install everything all over again. Your main risk is that at some point, you'll try to install something and find a disc error. Then again, that may never happen.

    For myself, I always do a full format now even though it takes a lot longer, because I don't like to get a bunch of stuff installed and then have to start over. But that reflects my experience and may not be true for yours.
  2. quick format skips the "checking for bad sectors"-part. So if have a perfectly healthy drive, there won't be any difference
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