Tjunction question.

I just replaces my cpu cooler a few times and switched cases once. I'm hoping I didn't scratch my cpu at all or damage it with all the cleanings.

Right now according to Core Temp (I have a E6600 by the way) core 0 is 32c, core 1 is 29c (not bad) but my Tjuction is 85c.

According to speedFan everything looks good but AUX is 104c. I'm not sure what that AUX is.

So am I in trouble? I remember the Tjunction being only about 10c's higher than the cores before.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Sorry for not searching, it's late and I panicked. I just did some research and I'm using core temp .95.

    So that 85c is just a static value to freak out all newbs who don't feel like reading the FAQ's.

    I think I was using an older version which was giving me lower Tjunction values.

    Anyways thanks.
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