Missing Bootmgr at start up

Ok I been looking all over the internet for this and none of them seem to be of anyhelp.

I bought Vista Home Premium and installed it. I have a Sata Raid 0 setting on my hard drive and partition that into 2 drives. I used to have XP on my C drive. When I bought Vista I formatted the C drive during the installation and installed Vista. When ever I boot up the computer it would say BootMGR is missing and i need to restart the computer. I can boot it up if I have the CD/DVD (I upgraded to a 64bit version of Vista). I go into bios and make my hard drive as the primary boot drive and it doesnt solve any thing. Any suggestion how to get the bootmgr to work?
I even drag the bootmgr from the cd into my C drive C:\ and C:\Windows
nothing work
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  1. Weird....When you initially installed Vista did you do a Dual boot? Based on your post it doesn't look like you did but I can't think of anything else related. When a dual boot occurs the bootmgr is placed with the partition or drive with XP. If XP is deleted then the bootmgr goes with it. Anyway....it doesn't appear thats your problem since you say you formatted C at install. Another longshot I might offer reates to drivers for SATA. When Vista was installing did it request you to install SATA drivers? That was my problem for a while until I figured it out. I couldn't get the SATA drive to work until I installed drivers from my motherboard CD. Good Luck...
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