How can i save my GPU OverClocking settings in nTune?

Hi my friends. :D
I recently downloaded & installed the nTune, because i want to OverClock my Graphic card.I found that there is no "Apply this settings at startup" in nTune's GPU OverClocking section like it was in Coolbits2.0! :x
so every time i restart the windows the Core/Memory clocks sets to default. :(
How can i save my settings??
Sorry for my poor English :tongue: & I will be very thankful for any help. :D
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  1. Hmmm...that's the problem.
    when i active Coolbits, in the GPU overclocking section it said that i should install nTune to gain access to this section & Hardware monitoring.(Damn these new drivers for GeForce8 Series :evil: )
    So i downloaded nTune & now the GPU OverClocking section has no "Apply this on Startup" botton. :(
    the problem doesn't end here...RivaTuner can not detect the new driver (Forceware 158.xx).(i don't want to use riva tuner anyway)
    Damn nVIDIA!!
    I want to OC my Graphic card!
    Come on Guys, Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp Me! :cry:
  2. Thanks man, but i never used ATItool before. :?
    Maybe i will give it a try...
    Hey 8800Series do you overclock your graphic cards??
    Come on guys... :(
  3. When you are in the "Performance" section of nTune, click the "Profile" menu at the top of the page. Then save the overclocked profile. If you want it to automatically load that profile when windows starts, click "Adjust custom rules" on the left side of the page and create a rule to do so.
  4. I use ATI Tool for my 8800gtx, I find it by far the easiest tool to use
  5. OK, i downloaded the ATITool & ...Damn...That's much better than anything that i have ever used for GPU Overclocking! :D
    nTune Sucks! :evil:
    Here i need to say a special thanks to mpilchfamily and tinman69.
  6. Wow...I gain +1200 :twisted: Point in 3DMark05 by Overclocking my card from 500/1600 to 550/1800 & my CPU from 2.7GHz (1.45v) to 2.8GHz :twisted: (1.5v) :D
    that's what i called Nice 8) OverClocking.
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